Sophie Carpenter
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Start Your Journey

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Start Your Journey

Illustration for animation for Go Higher West Yorkshire.

Go Higher West Yorkshire help students to access and prepare for Higher Education in West Yorkshire, and they asked for an engaging animation to promote the organisation and its ethos. This needed to be set in West Yorkshire, and follow several characters overcoming some of the main barriers to Higher Education (fear of leaving school and friends, finances, and fear that Higher Education would be too academic) through personal resilience and access to knowledge and support.

The animation needed to be as empowering and as accessible as possible - not featuring any dialogue, and representing a wide variety of ethnicities, genders and body types. Although barriers are an integral part of the animation, the overall tone needed to be aspirational and empowering, to encourage the viewers to research and access the information they need. 

“Unanimously we love the feel of the animation, the characters, how representative they all are, the music and the messages communicated.”
— Emma Hindley, NCOP Administrator, Go Higher West Yorkshire

Video production: Clearhead    |   Client: Go Higher West Yorkshire

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